Automatic weld settings in drawings

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Automatic weld settings in drawings
4. Click Surface treatment.
5. On the Contents tab, select the surface treatment representation, and whether to show
the surface treatment pattern, hidden lines, and own hidden lines.
6. On the Appearance tab, select the color and type of visible and hidden lines.
7. Single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings: Click Save to save the view properties.
8. Click OK.
9. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.
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7.20 Automatic weld settings in drawings
You can define automatic weld settings to be used in a drawing before you create a drawing.
You can modify the settings after you have created the drawing.
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Setting automatic weld properties in drawings
To set the automatic weld properties before creating a drawing:
1. Click Drawings & Reports --> Drawing Settings and select the drawing type.
2. Load the properties that you want to change.
3. Single-part and assembly drawings: Click View creation, select the view and the
properties that you want to change, and click View properties.
4. Click Weld.
5. On the Content page, define the visibility settings.
6. Enter a weld size to filter welds of that size out of the drawing.
Modifying drawing settings
Automatic weld settings in drawings
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