Locking and unlocking drawings

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Locking and unlocking drawings
1. Check the numbering settings by clicking Drawings & Reports --> Numbering -->
Numbering Settings .
2. Select Compare to old for both the new and modified parts.
3. Number all model objects that have same numbering series settings by clicking Drawings
& Reports --> Numbering --> Number Series of Selected Objects , or number only
new or modified model objects by clicking Drawings & Reports --> Numbering -->
Number Modified Objects .
4. Check the drawing list for status flags.
5. To find the parts that have been affected, select each drawing marked with the
in the Drawing List and click the Select objects button.
Tekla Structures highlights the affected parts in the model. Do the following:
a. Check the numbering history log for renumbered parts by clicking Tools --> Display
Log File --> Numbering History .
Part or Assembly at the beginning of a line in the numbering history log
indicates that Tekla Structures has renumbered parts or assemblies, as in the
following example:
b. To find the renumbered parts in the model, select the relevant entries from the
numbering history log. Tekla Structures highlights the corresponding parts in the
6. Select the affected drawings from the Drawing List and click Update.
7. If you have new parts in the model, create drawings for them.
See also Working with drawings on page 272
Settings affecting the recreation of drawings on page 315
5.2 Locking and unlocking drawings
You can indicate that a drawing is not available for editing by locking it. When a drawing is
locked, it cannot be accidentally modified. Locking prevents the drawings from being opened,
updated, cloned, deleted, or modified, even if the model changes. The geometry of the locked
Working with drawings
Locking and unlocking drawings
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