Samsung Galaxy Light. Play Movies TV

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Play Movies TV
2. If prompted, tap Turn sync on. This synchronizes your
books you have previously selected between your
Books account and your device.
5. Sweep the screen to the left or right to view
Categories, Home, Top Selling, and New Arrivals.
3. Tap
6. Tap a magazine to see more information and
to begin searching for both free and paid
4. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the ebook
to your device.
Play Magazines
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to subscribe to a
Play Movies & TV
With Google Play Magazines, you can subscribe to your
favorite magazines and have them available to read on your
device at any time or any place.
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(Play Magazines).
2. Log on to your Google account if you have not already
done so. For more information, refer to “Gmail” on
page 146.
3. At the Welcome! display, tap the shop icon
browse the full catalog.
4. Read the Google Play Terms of Service and tap Accept.
This application allows you to connect to the Play Store,
download a movie and then watch it instantly.
Choose from thousands of movies, including new releases and
HD titles in the Play Store and stream them instantly on your
Android device.
Movies, previously rented via the Play Store are automatically
added to your My Movies library across your devices.
Learn more about Google Play Movies at:
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(Play Movies & TV).
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