Samsung Galaxy Light. Using S Voice

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Using S Voice
4. Tap the selected
(Speak) button to translate
using your selected input language and voice.
• Example, if trying to speak in English and get a Spanish
translation, tap the Speak (English (US)) button and wait for
the text to appear on-screen.
5. Press
for additional options. Choose from:
TTS readout speed, Auto redout, and Help
Using S Voice
This is a voice recognition application used to activate a wide
variety of functions on your device. This is a natural language
recognition application.
This goes beyond the Google Search Voice Actions feature
that simply recognizes Google commands and search terms.
You can ask it questions (Is it raining in Dallas?) or give it
commands (Show me where to find cheap gas).
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(S Voice).
2. Read the on-screen disclaimer information and tap
Confirm to continue.
3. Review the Terms of Service and tap Agree to continue.
4. Navigate through the following on-screen tutorial
screens by reading the information and tapping Next,
or tap Skip to continue without reading the information.
5. Wake up the application by repeating the phrase
Hi Galaxy.
Note: The wake-up command/phrase can be changed from
“Hi Galaxy” to anything else.
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