Galaxy S4. Downloading a New Google Application

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Galaxy S4. Downloading a New Google Application
Downloading a New Google
To download a new application, you will need to use your
Google account to sign in to the Play Store. The home page
provides several ways to find applications. The home page
features applications and includes a list of item applications
by category, a list of games, a link to search, and a link to My
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(Play Store).
2. Browse through the categories, find an application
you're interested in, and tap the name.
3. Read the application descriptions.
Important! If the selected application requires access to data
or control of a function on your device, the Play
Store displays the information the application will
Tap OK if you agree to the conditions of the
application. Once you tap OK on this screen you are
responsible for using this application on the device
and the amount of data it uses. Use this feature
with caution.
4. Tap Install ➔ ACCEPT.
Note: Use caution with applications which request access to
any personal data, functions, or significant amounts of
data usage times.
5. If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to pay
for the application.
6. Check the progress of the current download by
opening the Notifications panel. The content download
appears in the notification area of the status
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