Samsung Galaxy Light. Music Hub

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Music Hub
Removing Music Files
1. From within the Music application, tap the Songs tab.
2. Touch and hold a song entry to reveal the on-screen
context menu.
3. Tap Delete ➔ OK. The music file(s) is deleted.
Music Hub
Samsung Music Hub makes your device a personal music
manager. It lets you access, buy, and download millions of
music tracks. Access top albums, top tracks, featured
albums, and new releases as well as search for tracks,
albums and artist. Enjoy music samples before you download
them from your device.
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(Music Hub).
2. Tap Start to continue or
Hub Home screen displays.
4. Choose from any of the following options: MY MUSIC,
Tagged, or Q (Queue).
Note: You have to be signed in to use some options.
To sign in without your Samsung account, tap Sign in
and use the keyboard to enter your Email address and
Music Hub Password.
Tap Create account to set up a new account.
5. Tap
(Search) and use the keyboard to enter a key
word or phrase to search for tracks, albums, or artists.
(Back) to exit. The Music
Note: You must sign in to your Samsung account before you
can use the application.
3. If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to log
into your Samsung account.
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