Galaxy Tab PRO. Task Manager

by taratuta

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Galaxy Tab PRO. Task Manager
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2. Touch
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Task Manager
Your device can run applications simultaneously and some
applications run in the background.
Use Task Manager to see which applications are running on
your device and to end running applications to extend battery
life. You can also uninstall applications from your device and
see how much memory is used by applications.
To access the Task Manager:
1. Touch
Recent apps ➔
Task manager.
2. Touch each tab for options:
3. Active applications: View applications running on your
device. Touch End to terminate an application or End all
to terminate all running applications.
4. Downloaded: View applications installed from Google
Play. Touch Uninstall to remove an application from
your device.
5. RAM manager: Display the amount of Random Access
Memory (RAM) currently in use. Touch Clear memory to
clear inactive and background processes.
6. Storage: View internal (System storage) and external
(SD card) storage memory statistics.
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