Keeping Up With Legal Changes

by taratuta

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Keeping Up With Legal Changes
32  |  A Legal guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples
are not legally married. Some people go back to whomever officiated at
their ceremony and seek help in splitting up.
If you registered as domestic partners through a municipality, an
employer, a school, or another entity, be sure to terminate the partnership
formally, by submitting a written document to the entity. Some have
forms of their own; if they don’t, prepare a letter signed by both partners,
have it notarized, and submit it.
If you were legally married in the United States or overseas, or registered
in a domestic partnership or civil union in a marriage-equivalent state, see
Chapter 2, where we discuss how to terminate those relationships.
Keeping Up With Legal Changes
If the last few years are any indication, legal issues for same-sex couples
will continue to make news, and more change is inevitable. The new laws
nationwide are causing backlash.
At the same time, we seem to be closer than ever to the repeal of
DOMA and other discriminatory laws and regulations. Here are some
ways you can stay on top of current developments:
• Check the Nolo website at www.nolo.com for updates to this book,
and also check FAQs and articles on LGBT issues.
• For general information on issues affecting LGBT families, check
these websites:
The National Center for Lesbian Rights at www.nclrights.org
Lambda Legal Defense and Education fund at www.lambdalegal.
org, and
The Human Rights Campaign at www.hrc.org.
• For information on same-sex marriage, check the website for
Marriage Equality USA at www.marriageequality.org.
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