Galaxy S4. Synchronizing Contacts

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Galaxy S4. Synchronizing Contacts
Sending a namecard using Bluetooth
You must create a Contact prior to sending a namecard to a
recipient. For more information, refer to “Creating a Contact”
on page 88.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Touch and hold the entry to reveal the on-screen
context menu.
3. Tap Share namecard via ➔ Bluetooth.
Important! You must activate Bluetooth to use this feature.
4. Tap the Bluetooth device in which to send this name
card. Bluetooth forwards the namecard to the recipient.
Copying Contact Information
Copying Contact Information to the microSD
This procedure allows you to copy entry information saved
on the phone’s memory, onto the SIM card.
1. From the Home screen, tap
3. Tap OK to choose all current phone contact entries.
Synchronizing Contacts
Syncing data from your managed accounts allows you to add
and manage a new or existing contact from your online or
remote accounts to your phone. Prior to syncing, you must
first have an active Google or Microsoft Exchange account
with current Contact entries, and be signed into your account
via the phone.
With syncing, any Contacts entries (with phone numbers,
email addresses, pictures, etc.) are updated and synced with
your device.
1. From the Home screen, press
and then tap
Settings ➔
(Accounts tab) and then navigate
to the My accounts area.
2. Select the email account containing the contacts you
wish to synchronize.
3. Tap
within the adjacent account field to reveal
the account’s synchronization settings screen.
2. From the Contacts List, press
and then tap
Import/Export ➔ Export to SD card.
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