Galaxy S4. Voice Recorder

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Galaxy S4. Voice Recorder
The Video player application plays video files stored locally.
From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
For more information, refer to “Using Video” on page 160.
Voice Recorder
The Voice Recorder allows you to record an audio file up to
one minute long and then immediately send it as a message.
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
(Voice Recorder).
2. Tap
(Record) to record an audio file.
7. Tap
(Recording quality) to adjust the recording
quality. Choose from: Normal or High quality recording.
8. From the Recorded files page, press
and then
select one of the following:
• Share via and select a method in which to share this audio file.
Selections are: Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging, or Wi-Fi
Direct. Refer to each specific section, depending on the method
you selected to send this voice recording.
• Delete: allows you to delete 1 or more voice recordings. Tap
the recordings to delete and tap Delete.
• Settings: the following settings are available:
– Storage: allows you to choose where your recordings will be
3. Tap
(Stop) to stop recording. The file
automatically saves to the Voice list.
– Recording quality: allows you to set the recording quality to
4. Tap
(Pause) to pause the recording of an audio
– Limit for MMS: allows you to select On or Off. If you Limit for
5. Tap
(Cancel) to cancel the recording of an audio
6. Tap
(List) to display a list of current recordings.
saved. Select between Device or memory card.
High or Normal.
MMS by selecting On, you will be assured that the recording can
be sent in a message.
– Contextual filename: (requires GPS tagging) allows you to
adjust the filename based on contextual information such as
your current GPS location.
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