Samsung T769 Galaxy S Blaze. Selecting the Text Input Method

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Samsung T769 Galaxy S Blaze. Selecting the Text Input Method
Section 5: Entering Text
This section describes how to select the desired text input method
when entering characters into your phone. This section also
describes the predictive text entry system that reduces the
amount of key strokes associated with entering text.
Your phone comes equipped with an orientation detector that can
tell if the phone is being held in an upright (Portrait) or sideways
(Landscape) orientation. This is useful when entering text.
Your phone also provides several on-screen keypad text entry
options to make the task of text entry that much easier.
Text Input Methods
There are two text input methods available:
• Samsung keypad: an on-screen QWERTY keypad that can be
used in both portrait and landscape orientation.
• Swype (default): a new way to enter text on touch screens.
Instead of tapping each key, use your finger to trace over each
letter of a word.
The on-screen QWERTY keypad works the same in both portrait
and landscape mode.
Selecting the Text Input Method
The Text Input Method can be assigned from within one of two
Settings Menu:
and then tap
(Settings) ➔
Language and keyboard ➔ Select input method.
Text Input field:
From a screen where you can enter text, touch and hold
the text input field to open the context-menu.
Select the input method (Samsung keypad or Swype).
Default Text
Input Method
Entering Text
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