Samsung Galaxy Light. Making a Call

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Making a Call
Section 3: Call Functions and Contacts List
This section describes features and functionality associated
with making or answering calls, and the Contacts list, which
is used to store contact information.
Displaying Your Phone Number
From the Home screen, press
and then tap
Settings ➔
(More tab) ➔ About device ➔
Status. Your phone number displays in the
My phone number field.
Note: The device’s Settings menu can also be activated
by pressing
and then tapping
(Apps) ➔
Making a Call
You can store phone numbers that are regularly used to the
SIM card or to the device’s memory. These entries are
referred to as the Contacts list.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Enter the phone number and then tap
If you make a mistake while dialing, tap
clear the last digit. Touch and hold
to clear the
entire sequence.
Note: When you activate the Auto redial option in the
➔ Call settings ➔ Additional settings
menu, the device automatically redials up to 10 times
when the person does not answer the call or is already
on the phone, provided your call is not sent to voicemail.
Call Functions and Contacts List
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