Galaxy S4. Ending a Call

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Galaxy S4. Ending a Call
Quick Dialing a Number from the Contacts List
1. From the Home screen, tap
Ending a Call
Briefly tap
key to end the call.
2. Locate a contact from the list.
3. In a single motion, touch and drag your finger over the
number by going to the right. This action places a call
to the recipient.
Running a Call in the Background
If you exit the current call screen and return to the Home
screen, you are visually notified that you are still on an active
call by the green phone icon within the Status bar.
This is the best way to stay on your current call and do
something else (multi-task) such as access the Contacts list,
view a recent email, locate a picture, etc..
In Call Notification
Note: To redial a recent number, tap Call at the end of the call
or locate the number from the Recent list, tap the entry
and tap Call.
Ending a Call from the Status Bar
1. From an active call, you can launch a separate
application or return to the Home screen. The current
call is kept active in the background.
2. Tap the Status bar to reveal the Notifications tab, and
then drag the tab to the bottom of the screen to open
the Notifications panel.
3. Tap End to end the currently active call.
Call Functions and Contacts List
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