Galaxy Tab PRO. Display

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Galaxy Tab PRO. Display
Samsung Keyboard
Set the keyboard sounds.
1. From the Settings screen, touch Device tab ➔ Sound.
2. The following option is available:
• Key-tap sound: Enable auditory feedback when you touch an
onscreen key.
Use the Display settings to configure the way your device’s
screen operates.
From the Settings screen, touch Device tab ➔ Display.
The following options are available:
• Brightness: Touch and drag the slider to set the brightness or
touch Automatic brightness.
Set the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) audio
1. From the Settings screen, touch Device tab ➔ Sound
➔ Audio output.
• Screen timeout: Set the length of delay between the last key
press or screen touch and the automatic screen timeout
(dim and lock).
2. Touch Stereo or Surround to set the audio output.
More Settings
Find the best sound and audio settings for you.
1. From the Settings screen, touch Device tab ➔ Sound
➔ Adapt Sound.
2. Read the instructions and touch Start when you are
ready to begin.
• Touch key light duration: Set the duration for the touch
button backlight.
• Daydream: Set the device to launch a screen saver when your
device is connected to a desktop dock or charging. Touch the
OFF / ON button to turn Daydream ON
. Touch
Daydream for additional options.
• Show battery percentage: Set the device to display the
remaining battery life on the Status Bar.
• Edit after screen capture: Go edit a screen immediately after
taking a screen capture.
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