Galaxy Tab PRO. About Device

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Galaxy Tab PRO. About Device
About Device
View information about your device, including status,
legal information, hardware and software versions, and
battery use.
1. From the Settings screen, touch General tab ➔
About device.
2. Touch items to view details:
• Software update: Connect to the network and download new
software updates for your device, if available.
• Status: View Battery status, Battery level, IP address, Wi-Fi
MAC address, Bluetooth address, Up time, and Device status.
• Legal information: Touch an option to display Open source
licenses, Google and Samsung legal information, and
Privacy Alert.
• Device name: Enter the name for your device. The default is
the model number: SM-T320.
• Model number: Display your device’s model number.
• Android version: Display the firmware version of your device.
• Kernel version: Display the kernel version of your device.
• Build number: Display your device’s build number.
• SE for Android status: Display Security Enhancements for
Android status information.
Software Update
The Software Update feature enables you to use your
device to connect to the network and download any new
software directly to your device. The device automatically
updates with the latest available software when you access
this option.
Software Update Options
To register your device and check for a software update:
1. From the Settings screen, touch General tab ➔
About device ➔ Software update.
2. Touch Update.
Your device is connected to the server and a search is
performed for a software update.
3. Touch Auto update to check for updates automatically.
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