Galaxy S4. Downloads

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Galaxy S4. Downloads
2. To make changes, press
and then tap Settings.
The following options are displayed while in full-screen
• Calendar: when this is checked, the calendar is displayed. Tap
to uncheck.
• Weather: when this is activated, the location, temperature, and
weather condition is displayed. Touch and slide the slider to the
right to turn it on.
• Dock: allows you to set your Dock settings such as Dock
sound, Audio output mode, Desk home screen display,
Automatic unlock, and Audio output. For more information,
refer to “Accessory” on page 281.
3. Tap
to display the Desk clock in full-screen mode.
4. To make changes in full screen mode, press
then tap:
• Edit shortcuts: allows you to edit the shortcuts shown at the
bottom of full screen mode.
• Hide/Show shortcuts: allows you to hide or view the current
on-screen shortcuts located along the bottom of the full screen
• Settings: provides access to the Desk clock settings menu
from where you can alter the following: Hide status bar,
Wallpaper, Calendar, Weather, and Dock.
The default storage location for saving phone numbers to
your Contacts List is your phone’s built-in memory.
From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
For more information, refer to “Contacts List” on page 88.
Provides quick access to tabs containing a list of your current
downloaded files (Internet and Other).
1. From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
2. Place a checkmark on an available file to select it.
3. Choose an available action such as Share, Delete, Sort
by size/date, or Clear list.
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