Galaxy S4. Speed Dialing

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Galaxy S4. Speed Dialing
Wait Dialing
Inserting a Wait into your dialing sequence means that the
phone waits until it hears a dial tone before proceeding with
the next sequence of numbers.
• Wait sends the next set of numbers only after tapping Yes. This is
indicated in the number string as a semicolon (;).
Note: Do not add multiple Waits (;) to a number string as this
will continue to prompt you after each sequence.
and use the
1. From the Home screen, tap
on-screen keypad to enter the phone number.
and then tap Add wait. This feature causes
2. Press
the phone to require your acceptance before sending
the next set of entered digits.
3. Tap
Redialing the Last Number
The device stores the numbers of the calls you’ve dialed,
received, or missed if the caller is identified.
To recall any of these numbers:
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Tap the
(Recent tab) to display the list of recent
3. Tap the name/number and tap
Speed Dialing
Once you have stored phone numbers from your Contacts
List, you can set up to 99 speed dial entries (2-100) and then
dial them easily whenever you want, simply by touching the
associated numeric key.
Note: Speed dial location #1 must be reserved for Voicemail
4. Once prompted to Send the following tones?, tap Yes to
dial the remaining digits.
Call Functions and Contacts List
Setting Up Speed Dial Entries
Changing a Speed Dial Entry Order
Important! Speed dial location #1 is reserved for Voicemail. No
other number can be assigned to this slot.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Press
and then tap Speed dial setting. The Speed
dial setting screen displays a virtual list of locations
with the numbers 2 through 100.
3. Tap an unassigned number slot. The Select contact
screen displays.
4. Tap a contact and select a number to assign it to the
speed dial location. The selected contact number/
image is displayed in the speed dial number box.
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Press
➔ Keypad tab.
and then tap Speed dial setting.
Important! The number 1 is reserved for Voicemail and
another number cannot be assigned to this slot.
3. Press
and then tap Change order.
4. Tap the current entry then tap the new target speed
dial location.
Note: Tapping 2 existing speed dial locations causes the
entries to switch positions.
5. Tap Done. to store the change.
6. Press
to return to the previous screen.
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