Diet and treating illness

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Diet and treating illness
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Fig. 6-1 The balance of good health
Diet and illness onset
Diet effects health through an individual’s weight in terms of the development of eating
disorders or obesity. Eating disorders are linked to physical problems such as heart
irregularities, heart attacks, stunted growth, osteoporosis and reproduction. Obesity is
linked to diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer (see Chapter 15). In addition,
some research suggests a direct link between diet and illnesses such as heart disease,
cancer and diabetes (see Chapters 14 and 15). Much research has addressed the role of
diet in health and although at times controversial, studies suggest that foods such as
fruits and vegetables, oily fish and oat fibre can be protective whilst salt and saturated fats
can facilitate poor health.
Diet and treating illness
Diet also has a role to play in treating illness once diagnosed. Obese patients are mainly
managed through dietary based interventions (see Chapter 15). Patients diagnosed with
angina, heart disease or following a heart attack are also recommended to change their
lifestyle with particular emphasis on stopping smoking, increasing their physical activity
and adopting a healthy diet (see Chapter 15). Dietary change is also central to the
management of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. At times this aims to produce weight
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