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gear list pdf
Address / 所在地
SIA Aoyama Bldg 1F, 1-3-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
〒 150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷 1-3-3 SIA 青山ビルディング
Operation Hours / 営業時間
10:00 – 22:00 Mon~Tue (Holidays:Sat・Sun・National Holidays)
10:00 – 22:00 月曜日~金曜日 (休日:土・日・祝日)
Studio Engineer / サウンド・エンジニア
Ryu Kawashima
A native of Tokyo, Ryu rose up through the studio ranks in London’s Whitfield Street Studios before its closure forced him to
move back to his hometown to start freelancing. Adept at a wide spectrum of music, ranging from film scores through to out
there electronica and indie bands in between, he is a true music lover and his work and approach to recording and mixing
reflects his appreciation of the fine art.
東京生まれのイギリス育ち、ロンドンの Whitfield Street Studios にてスタジオのキャリアを始めるもスタジオは閉鎖の憂き目を。帰国を
Studio Layout / 図面
Vocal Booth: 7m2
Drum Botth: 11m2
Live Room: 47m2
Equipment List / 機材リスト
SSL 4040 G+ Ultimation + TR
Monitor Speakers:
ATC 200ASM Pro, Dynaudio BM15A, Yamaha NS10
Monitor Amps: ATC P4, Bryston 4B
Clock Generator:
Antelope Audio OCX
AVID HD IO 32 in analog / 32 out analog
Pro Tools HDX, Logic Pro
Waves Mercury
UAD Powered Plugins
Digidesign - Stock plugins
Kush audio - Clairphonic, Pusher
Lexiocn - Efffects bundle, Reverb bundle
Plugin alliance - bx boom, bx clean sweep, bx digital V2, bx dyn eq V2, bx hybrid V2, bx limiter, bx rocktrack, bx
saturator V2, dynamic spectrum mapper V2, elysia mpressor, elysia niveau filter, SPL vitalizer mk2, Vertigo VSC
Slate Digital - Virtual mix rack, Virtual tape machines, VBC
Softube - Abbey Road EQ’s, Summit Audio Plugins, Tonelux tilt, Trident A-range, Tsar Reverb, Tube Tech Plugins, Valley
People Dynamite
Steve Slate - Trigger 2
Izotope - Ozone 5
Native Instruments - Komplete
PSP - PSP classic eq, PSP console Q, PSP echo, PSP McQ, PSP noble Q, PSP piano verb, PSP preqursor, PSP retro Q, PSP
1073 x 2
Telefunken V72 x 2
Mastering Lab Mic Pre
API 500 rack 1: API 312 mic pre x 12
Urei 1176 x 2
Retro Instruments STA Level
Distressor x 2
DBX 160X x 2
Urei LA4 x 2
Focusrite Red3
API 500 rack 2: Great River mic pre x 4, Focusrite Red 1 x 2
API 500 rack 3: API 550A-1 x 2, API 560 x 2, RND 551 Inductor EQ x 2, RND compressor x 2, Kush Clairphonic x 2
Neve 33609
Dangerous Music BAX EQ
Avalon 747
Chandler Tone control x 2
Urei 1178
Effects Units:
Bricasti M7
Lexicon 224
Eventide H3000 D/SE
PCM 70
Yamaha D5000
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
Marshal Time Modulator
Flea 12 x 2
Voxorama Typ 47
Neumann U87 x 2
Neumann FET47 x 1
AKG C414XLS x 2
AKG C451E x 4
Sennheiser 421 x 4
Sennheiser 441 x 2
Shure SM7 x 2
Shure SM57 x 3
Coles 4038 x 2
Beyer M160 x 2
EV RE20 x 2
Vintage Yamaha Absolute Drum kit
Vintage Ludwig snare
Zildjian cymbals
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Minimoog Voyager
Fender Princeton Reverb Amp
Marshall Artist 3203 Guitar Amp
Marshall JCM800 2203 Guitar Amp
Ampeg B-15S Bass Amp
Ampeg SVT-3Pro Bass Amp
Mic Stands
Keith Monk stand x 5
Latchlake Mic King stand x 5
K&M stand x 7
K&M short stand x 6
Monitor Speakers
Yamaha QL-5 mixer
RCF Art 745-A speakers x 2
RCF NX 10-SMA floor wedge speakers x 5
Photo’s / 写真資料
Control Room / コントロールルーム
Live Room / ライブルーム
Drum Booth / ドラムブース
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