Samsung Galaxy Light. Software Update

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Software Update
• Legal information: This option displays information about
Open source licences, and Google legal information. This
information clearly provides copyright and distribution legal
information and facts as well as Google Terms of Service,
Terms of Service for Android-powered Phones, and much more
pertinent information as a reference.
Read the information and terms, then press
to return to
the Settings menu.
Note: Firmware, baseband, kernel and build numbers are
usually used for updates to the handset or support. For
additional information please contact your T-Mobile
service representative.
Software Update
• Model number: displays the device’s model number.
The Software Update feature enables you to use your device
to connect to the network and upload any new software
directly to your device. The device automatically updates
with the latest available software when you access this
• Android version: displays the firmware version loaded on this
The following icons show your Bluetooth connection status
at a glance:
• Device name: allows you to both display and edit the device’s
• Baseband version: displays the baseband version loaded on
this device.
Displays when the Software updated feature is
• Kernel version: displays the kernel version loaded on this
Displays when the Software update feature is in
• Build number: displays the software, build number.
Changing Your Settings
To update your device:
1. From the Home screen, press
and then tap
Settings ➔
(More tab) ➔ About device ➔
Software update.
2. If an available update is available, select an available
Note: You configure the device’s software update parameters.
• Cancel: Tap this option to cancel the operation.
• Wi-Fi settings: Enable this option to only download available
updates via an active Wi-Fi connection. If disabled, the device
will begin available downloads via its’ T-Mobile connection.
• OK: Tap this option to connect to the remote server, detect if
there is an available update, the begin the download over your
existing data connection.
– Software updates can include bug fixes, enhancements to
services, to the device or currently installed software.
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