Galaxy-S5. Using dual camera mode

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Galaxy-S5. Using dual camera mode
6 Tap
to save.
To get the best shot, follow these tips. The device may not take photos properly in
other shooting conditions.
• Hold the camera steady and remain still while taking photos.
• Take photos of a subject that is moving in one direction.
• Take photos with backgrounds that are free of moving objects.
• Avoid taking photos of a subject and background with similar colours.
Using dual camera mode
When you take a landscape photo with the rear camera, the photo or video captured by the
front camera appears in an inset window, or vice versa. Use this feature to take a beautiful
landscape photo and a self-portrait simultaneously.
On the Apps screen, tap Camera → MODE → Dual Camera to switch to dual camera mode.
Tap to take a photo or tap to take a video.
Switch between the
front and rear
Tap to resize it or
move the location.
Select among
various styles that
are available.
• You can record videos in dual camera mode for up to 5 minutes in Full HD and up
to 10 minutes in HD or VGA.
• While taking videos in this mode, sound is recorded by the internal microphone.
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