Galaxy S4. Contact List Options

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Galaxy S4. Contact List Options
Contact List Options
1. From the Home screen, tap
2. Press
. The following options display:
• Delete: allows you to delete 1 or more of your contacts.
• Import/Export: imports or exports contacts to or from the USB
storage location, SIM card, or SD card, you can also send
namecards via methods such as Bluetooth, Email, Gmail,
Messaging, or Wi-Fi Direct.
• Settings: allows you to configure where you save new contacts
to, or view your service numbers, or send contact information.
Options include: Only contacts with phones, List by, Display
contacts by, Service numbers, and Contact sharing settings.
• Help: provides an on-screen Help file that covers most high
level topics for Contacts.
• Accounts: allows you to add and manage mobile accounts on
Samsung account, Google, LDAP, or Microsoft Exchange
ActiveSync. This option also allows you to manually synchronize
all of your current contacts with their respective accounts. For
more information, refer to “Synchronizing Contacts” on
page 101.
• Speed dial setting: allows you to set up speed-dialing.
• Send message/email: allows you to send a text /picture
message or an email using your Google account.
• Contacts to display: allows you to choose to display All
contacts, those on your Device, SIM account, Samsung
account, Gmail, or only display contacts that are part of a
Customized list.
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