Galaxy S4. Back View

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Galaxy S4. Back View
5. Microphones are used during phone calls and allow
other callers to hear you clearly when you are speaking
to them. There are two microphones on the device:
• Bottom microphone: used during handset mode.
• Top microphone: used while an active call is in the
speakerphone mode and assists in noise cancellation
(2 microphone solution).
6. USB Power/Accessory connector allows you to connect
a power cable or optional accessories such as a USB/
data cable.
7. Back key redisplays the previous screen or clears
8. Display shows all the information needed to operate
your phone, such as the connection status, received
signal strength, phone battery level, and time.
9. Front Facing Camera allows you to take pictures while
facing the screen and allows you to video conference.
10. Gestures Sensor used to detect Air View and Air Gesture
11. Proximity Sensor detects how close an object is to the
surface of the screen. This is typically used to detect
when your face is pressed up against the screen, such
as during a phone call.
• While talking on the phone, the sensor detects talk activity and
locks the keypad to prevent accidental key presses.
12. Receiver allows you to hear the other caller.
Back View
The following illustration shows the external elements of your
1. microSD Card Slot (internal) allows you use a microSD
card to expand the memory of your device.
2. External speaker allows you to hear ringers, music, and
other sounds offered by your phone.
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