Networking for the Sustainable Future of the Tropics

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Networking for the Sustainable Future of the Tropics
JASTE25 International Symposium
日本熱帯生態学会 25周年記念国際シンポジウム
Networking for the Sustainable Future of the Tropics
The rich biodiversity and various ecosystem services provided by natural tropical
ecosystems are threatened by complex interdisciplinary issues at local, regional
and global scales. Thus, it is urgent to foster research coordination networks for
balancing the need for conservation and development in tropical regions. In this
symposium, six distinguished speakers will provide overviews on ongoing efforts
on such research coordination networks.
The lectures will be followed by a panel
discussion to synthesize needs of and
future priorities in fostering such networks.
Speakers: Stuart J. Davies (Smithsonian Institution)
Robin L. Chazdon (University of Connecticut),
Hajanirina F. Rakotomanana (University of Antananarivo)
Moira Moeliono (Center for International Forestry Research)
Mitsuru Osaki (Hokkaido University), F. E. (Jack) Putz (University of Florida)
Panelists: Ryohei Kada, Yasuyuki Kono, Claudia Romero, Shoko Sakai
Organizers: Kaoru Kitajima, Mamoru Kanzaki & JASTE25 Committee
2015年 6月 19日 June 19 , 2015 14:00-­‐18:00 会場:京都大学稲盛財団記念館 3F大会議室 Place: Inamori Founda1on Memorial Hall, 3F 登録不要 / Free Admission 英語会議 / Conducted in English 問い合わせ:京都大学農学研究科森林科学専攻 熱帯林環境学分野 北島 薫
For ques1ons, contact [email protected]­‐u.ac.jp or visit the JASTE25 website.
Sponsored by: Japan Society for Tropical Ecology (JASTE), Center for Integrated Area Studies, Center for African Area Studies, Global Sustainability Studies of Kyoto University, and Kyoto University FoundaCon. * This symposium is also part of the GSS Interdisciplinary seminar series.
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