Samsung Galaxy Light. Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Light. Camera
6. Tap Lock time zone (to lock event time based on your
current user-selected time zone). Select a time zone
from within the Select time zone field.
7. Tap Show week number to display the week numbers
along the side of the week entries.
8. Tap Set alerts and notifications to adjust the event
notification method. Choose from: Alert, Status bar
notification, and Off.
9. Tap Select ringtone to assign a ringtone to a calendar
event notification.
10. Tap Vibration to assign a vibration notification to this
11. Tap Quick responses to edit your default quick
responses for outbound emails. These are default
responses similar to those used by text templates.
Use your 5 megapixel camera feature to produce photos
in a JPEG format. The Camcorder shoots High Definition video in
an MP4 format.
Note: A microSD card is no longer necessary before you take
pictures or shoot video.
It is recommended that you confirm your default storage
location for images and videos.
From the Home screen, tap
(Apps) ➔
For more information, refer to “Using the Camera” on page 116.
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