Galaxy-S5. Using selective focus mode

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Galaxy-S5. Using selective focus mode
Using the HDR (Rich tone) effect
Take photos with rich colours and reproduce details even in bright and dark areas.
On the Apps screen, tap Camera →
, and then take a photo.
Without effect
With effect
Using selective focus mode
Use the out-of-focus effect to blur the background and make your subject stand out.
Before using this mode
• It is recommended that you position subjects between 10-50 cm from the device. Place
subjects that you want to focus on close to the device.
• When taking photos, ensure there is sufficient distance between the subject and the
background. The distance should be more than twice the distance between the device
and the subject.
• The quality of photos taken by the device may be affected in the following situations:
– – Photos of subjects that are moving.
– – Photos that are taken when the device is moving.
– – Indoor photos, low-light conditions, or if there is strong light behind a subject.
– – Photos using a background that cannot be distinguished from the subject, such as
shadows or plain-coloured walls.
1 Tap Camera on the Apps screen.
2 Tap at the right side of the screen.
does not appear, tap
→ Selective focus to activate it.
3 Tap the image on the preview screen where the camera should focus.
When the subject is in focus, the focus frame turns green.
4 Tap to take a photo.
5 Tap the preview thumbnail at the bottom right of the screen to edit the photo.
6 Tap and select one of the following:
• Near focus: Make the subject stand out and blur the background around the subject.
• Far focus: Blur the subject and make the background stand out around the subject.
• Pan focus: Make the subject and its background stand out.
7 Tap Done.
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